It’s A Girl Thing (ages 9-12)

Class Overview

A program devoted to empowering our young girls so they can navigate their way in this ever-changing world and designed specifically for girls ages 9-12 when, research shows, self-esteem can start to decline. 

The Program

This is an 8-week empowerment program developed to unleash confident and courageous self-leadership. The goal is to give research proven tools that they need to increase resilience and navigate their way through this unbelievably complex world.

We aren’t living in an easy world. Between current events, social media, and the regular pressures of teenage life, our children’s well-being has taken a toll. As a parent, you see these challenges and stresses and your deepest, most heart-felt goal is to help your daughter reconnect with her true self.

What We Do

We teach girls how to empower themselves and support each other through gratitude, community service, empowerment practices, yoga, meditation, vision boarding and – let’s not forget – fun!

Program Goals

Who are these Programs For?

This program is for your child if:

  • You know change is ahead. You want your daughter to hold on to her core values and inner compass as she grows into the land of teenagers.
  • You see your child spending too much time on social media and want to protect her confidence.
  • You worry about your child’s worry. She stresses about school, about getting good grades or doing well in sports and you want to support her.
  • You want your daughter to stay connected to herself and her unique strengths no matter what challenge lies ahead.
  • You want her to feel confident in her body, to keep agency over herself so she can set boundaries and speak up about what she needs and wants.
  • You see her concerned too much about how she looks and what she wears. You want her to know there’s more than her outer appearance.
  • You want her to value herself and feel pride for who she is.
  • You don’t want her to change or limit herself to meet society’s expectations of how girls should look or be.
  • You want to help her reconnect or stay connected to the strength, confidence, and resilience that already lies within.

    We want that too and that is why we designed this program to specifically help meet the developmental needs of girls in a way that supports their increased confidence and courage.

  • To increase emotional intelligence, happiness, resiliency, and confidence through proven practices including mindfulness, self-compassion, gratitude, goal-setting and yoga.
  • To create a safe community space where girls can be themselves and learn to support each other.
  • To help girls develop a healthy body image through nutrition training and self-love.
  • To teach girls the importance of giving back and working as a team by working on their own community service project.
  • To foster a process oriented rather than outcome approach.

2023/2024 Class Schedule

It’s a Girl Thing Age 9-12 Group

The Investment

$100 plus HST per participant

This price covers the cost to run the program including all materials as well as snacks and beverages. Each participant will receive a participant workbook, personalized journal, sweatshirt, and other activities each week.

12 Participant Cap – Register Early Special offer $100.

Enrollments booking

Girl Empowerment Program Booking Link

The following link directs to our program booking & registration app. You will be asked to create an account for the payment process and schedule your class.

2024 Winter Session

8 Week Block February 7th – March 27th

4:30 pm – 6:00 pm


2024 Spring Session

8 Week Block May 1st – June 12th

4:30 pm – 6:00 pm


2024 Summer Session

8 Week Block July 3rd – August 14th

6:00 pm – 7:30 pm


2024 Fall Session

8 Week Block October 23rd – December 4th

6:00 pm – 7:30 pm