General Studio FAQ

1. What are the Core Values of The Personal Empowerment Studio Inc.?

Belonging: We welcome everyone, and create a supportive environment for each and every friend who walks through our doors.

Awareness: We want to cultivate the sense of awareness within you and everyone we meet.

Growth: We are committed to your personal and mental growth as well as our own and everyone in our community.

2. What if I have never done a class before; are there classes for beginners?

You don’t need to be flexible or strong to start practicing yoga. The more you practice, the more improvement you will notice with each session. We offer a variety of beginners and level 1 classes throughout the week: check our schedules for more information!

3. Is there parking?


There is parking on the main street as well as a public lot behind the studio, both which are free.

4. Is the studio accessible?


Our studio is on the ground level however there is one stair that might be a barrier.  Once inside the studio it is wheelchair accessible. We also have a plan for an accessible bathroom.

In terms of our classes, we seek to make our teachings as accessible as possible and can accommodate students with a wide-range of levels, experiences and needs.  We are happy to offer different suggestions to make yoga work for each person.

5. What should I wear?

Comfortable yoga attire. Something you can easily move your body in, like flowing pants and a supportive top—whatever will allow you to be comfortable during your practice. Fancy, expensive yoga clothes are NOT a necessity! We are a judgement free zone.

6. Are there showers and changerooms?

We do have a change room and bathrooms but we do not have a shower.

7. Are there lockers?

Yes, we have lockers, but you must bring your own lock.

8. What should I bring to a yoga class?

We recommend you bring your own yoga mat, a water bottle, and props if you have them. We do provide mats for the kids classes.

Blocks, straps, bolsters, and blankets are available upon request and/or loaned out if necessary for the class. There is also a selection of props available for purchase in studio which can be used at home and in class.

9. What is the minimum age requirement to attend classes?

Our kids classes are designed for children age 3-12.

Our adult classes are age 12 and up. However, if you are under the age of 19, please have a parent or legal guardian review and sign the electronic waiver when you create your online account. You can attend class on your own once you have a waiver signed by your parent/guardian.

10. What is the studio etiquette?

Shoes off Please: You can store your shoes in the closet area. There are no shoes permitted anywhere in the studio except for the foyer. Keeping your shoes off when you are in the studio is respectful to other students, and when our shoes or boots are wet or snowy in the Winter, it prevents everyone from getting wet socks from stepping in a puddle!

 Silence in yoga and meditation class: please be mindful of your volume in the changing rooms, and observe silence in the studio rooms out of respect for the instructors and your fellow students.

No Loitering: In order to maintain a comfortable environment, safety and wellbeing of our customers and employees, The Personal Empowerment Studio Inc. prohibits individuals and/or groups of individuals loitering, i.e. to linger idly or aimlessly or linger on the studio premises.

Timeliness: We recommend you arrive 10-15 minutes before each class.
Out of respect for others, the studio door is shut once class begins therefore please be sure to arrive on time.

Cell Phone Free Zone: Our classes are cell phone free. Please leave your phone in your locker or turn your phone off.

Membership/ Class FAQ

1. How do I buy a class package?

You can cancel a booked class in your MBO (MindBodyOnline) account or on our website at www.personalempowermentstudio.com

Class cards are available for adults and Youth (Under 12). We offer class cards in 10, 20, 40 denominations.

2. Do you have drop in classes?

Yes, These are also booked on our MBO (MindBodyOnline) account or our website at www.personalempowermentstudio.com

3. Do I need to register online to attend a class

Yes, All in-studio classes must be booked online. As class capacity is limited, if you are unable to attend your reserved class, please cancel 6 hours prior to class start time or the class will be taken off your class card.

Unlimited members will be charged $10 and class card holders will have their class deducted from their class card package or drop in as a no-show fee for missed/ uncancelled classes

Cancellations made more than 6 hours prior to class start time will not be subjected to the no-show fee.

Reservations are confirmed by pre-payment online and are accessible to individuals with active memberships. If your membership is suspended or inactive please email personalempowermentstudio@gmail.com, and we can help you get started to book online.

4. How does the waitlist work?

When the class is at capacity, you will have the option to reserve a spot on the waitlist

If a guest cancels their reservation, the system will automatically add the first person on the waitlist to the class and send them a notification email (make sure you’re opted in to receive these!). 

If you are on the waitlist and a spot becomes available with more than 6 hours notice, you’ll be automatically added to class. Once added, our cancellation policy applies, so be sure to cancel your waitlist spot if you can no longer attend.

If you are on the waitlist, and a spot becomes available with less than 6 hours notice, the system will not automatically add you into the class. If we notice a space has opened up, we will do our best to call you to see if you’d like to join. Or, if you notice you’re first on the waitlist, give us a call and we can check if there is room in class.

Gift Card FAQ

1. How do I buy and send a digital gift card?

Digital gift cards can be personalized and purchased online and emailed directly to the recipient.
They’re valid for passes, memberships and retail.

Click here to start the process.

  • Select “Online Store” and then “Gift Cards”.
  • Then, just enter the amount, your name and the name of the person you are gifting it to.
  • If you want to send the gift card by email, add both of your email addresses and the date you want the gift card to be sent.
  • Add a personal message and select an image, and then either preview the gift card or complete your purchase!
2. Are gift cards refundable?

Unfortunately, gift cards are not refundable.

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